Phil Ivey grabs another bracelet at WSOP

Phil Ivey? Another bracelet? What else is new? It really should not be a surprise that one of the best players around today will collect some bracelets in the top poker tournament.

Ivey ruled the #37 Event which is the HORSE $3,000 tournament. Good things continue to come for Phil Ivey with this bracelet counting as his third win in the last 24 months. We still need to count how many appearances he made on the final table and not to discount the 7th Place finish in the Main Event back in 2009. The poker player is simply amazing.

Phil Ivey is a great player but there’s a ton of things we can learn from him. He is one great player but he really devotes a lot of time to the game and plays a lot of poker tournaments. You always notice that he focusses on his poker game and you never see him messing about on the slots or other games in the casino.

Exposure. That is one key to improving your poker skills. You will win some and not win a lot of tournaments. That is the reality of the game even if you have Ivey or Negreanu as your last name. There will be times you will have the time of your life, and there will be times that you just have a string of bad luck. You cannot win them all.

Those who played at the WSOP play a lot of tournament. We are pretty sure they will want to play in every tournament they can get in to get a chance to win. Win at least one of these tournaments.

According to experts, very good players only have a 1 out of 7 chance winning an event. You cannot really make a fortune playing online, $1,000 buy ins, or getting into 1 or maybe two tournaments. You need to play a lot. Be consistent and that is how you will make some money in poker.

Getting into one tournament is a good start. Getting into a lot is your chance to win one or a few tournaments.

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