Float Play in Texas Hold’em

A float play can be considered an advanced technique when bluffing in Texas Hold em that is extended to two betting round.

The logic is that you want to make your opponent think that you have a stronger hand when the flop is revealed and when you get to the turn betting. End goal is to win the pot, of course.

What you do on a float play is call the bet of your opponent during the flop. When he checks you bet on the turn so you will have the advantage before the river. It is really a good bluffing maneuver and you can practically make use of any two cards you get.


You can only make a good float play if you are acting after another player and if you are only on a heads up situation.

It is never an ideal situation if you have another player who wants a chunk of the pot. Another player makes the situation pretty complicated to execute a float play. Your display of strength might be ignored when you have another player who’s aggressive on betting. Keep things simple and just use it with an opponent.

Remember that the float play is designed to benefit from a continuation bet made by an opponent.

The key to success in using the float play is when you have a good read of the other player, and only if you’re facing a small bet in No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Hold’em.

You should only use this move when necessary. You should make sure that the other poker player will be someone who loves making continuation bets but folds when you push back. Tight-aggressive ones are good preys of the float play.

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